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Intuitive Astrology: March New Moon by Tanaaz · 2 Comments. march new The March New Moon falls on the 6th in the sign of Pisces. This is a busy.
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If you want your hair to grow back quicker, cut it when the Moon is in a crescent phase; between the New Moon and the Full Moon. The New Moon rises at sunrise, travels through the meridian at noon and sets at sunset. This really works! Vegetables are the most resistant when the Moon is in an ascending phase. This is the time to sow any seeds, plant, harvest, or do any grafting. In short, this is the time to breathe a second wind or attempt a second try.

The New Moon, just like the Full Moon, exerts a strong gravitational pull on the elements, including the human body.

What does the New Moon do?

Researchers believe that sleeping troubles are intensified during the time of a Full Moon and the New Moon. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are two of my main passions. Our experts are available to answer all of your questions right now!

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Knowing more about your zodiac sign will give you a better insight into your personality, sexual compatibility, as well as your weaknesses and strengths. So what are you waiting for? Read on!

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What the influence does the lunar phases of the New Moon have on our bodies and minds? How can we make the most out of the New Moon cycle? New Moon contents: When is the next New Moon? What does the New Moon do? So drawing from Libra's qualities this Libra season can help even the most relationship-inept among us nurture more meaningful connections. And if you set your intentions mindfully, the new moon in Libra's effects can be extended far past just one weekend of chemistry. Lunar phases are associated with six-month cycles in astrology, so, for example, the intentions you set during the September new moon are likely to reach their natural conclusion during the March full moon.

This is the time to set a goal to cultivate over the next six months. If romance is what you're after, then head into this new moon with a hopeful heart. Even if it doesn't happen this weekend, you're still setting a tone for the next couple of quarters. Here's more on which signs are most likely to meet someone new, according to the experts.

Full Moon for March 2020

Fiery Aries is in the full throes of cuffing season this new moon, according to astrologer Lisa Stardust. Wherever you are Saturday afternoon, Gemini, stay attuned to any flirty vibes coming your way. You might be able to turn it into something more. No surprise here: Libra is in a prime position to find a spark this new moon, according to astrologer Cindy Mckean.

The positive side of Pisces decan 2 is its superb ability to redeem itself and help others to do so. We could see powerful examples of salvation around us that gives hope for those in the most wretched of circumstances. If our water is sparkly clean and vibrant then we can be great healers to ourselves and miracle workers to others. The healing crystal for this month is the Blue Jasper. I love the blue colour and it resonates so well with Pisces and Neptune. Blue Jasper also fantastic for attracting a wise teacher, healer, priest or priestess into your life.

Heals the nervous system, helping one move out of despair and into positive, realistic hope and trust. Calms nervousness, brings a peaceful heart, supports sobriety. Heals past life issues.

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Thanks for sharing such amazing info. I hope that this new moon in Pisces 2 bring something very special for all of us. Waiting for the magical innovative moments this year. Great analysis and a gorgeous crystal image — just looking at that blue jasper is deeply calming and inspiring! Love and Blessings.

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Thank you but you are sure that the 2nd decane of pieces is ruled by jupiter? So far, I thought it was ruled by the moon. It irks me so much to read western atheists deride god and religion in all kinds of publications, yet what they reference and mean is solely and narrowly just western Christianity, or even just the popular practice and layman beliefs of western Christianity, but then have the arrogance to force comparisons and extrapolate to every other religion on earth as if the rest of mankind derived our religions from there. Thank you for sharing this amazing information.

I hope that this new moon in Pisces 2 will bring something special for us. Waiting for magical innovative moments. Thank you so much Marina.

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I am holding hope in this new moon having my asc at 17 Pisces and Neptune soon to be crossing that point. Since 31 Dec I have been in recuperation from 35 radiation treamtents for a tumour in a salivary gland. The full moon is on the midpoint between my mars Leo and Uranus virgo in the the 6th house. Things coming to a head?!